Portable Aluminum Bleacher Seats With Low Backrest

We supply portable aluminum bleacher seats with low backrest. We devoted ourselves to Bleacher many years,covering most of Europe and the Americans Market. We are welcome to become your long team partner in China.

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Product Details

Portable aluminum bleacher seats with low backrest

1. Product Introduction 

    Material of all parts is aluminum alloy 6061-T6, IGBT welding method is used for the support structures, Seat planks and footboards are formed by 8000 ton extruding machines.


Portable Aluminum Bleacher Seats

1. Superior design and elegant appearance.

2. Light weight: aluminum pipe or lightweight metal tube as understructure .

3. Fire retardant, stainless, corrosion resistant.

4. Easy to be installed and dismantled: smart basic bleachers can be installed or uninstalled without any specialized equipment or tools.

5. Quick installation or uninstallation : Portable Aluminum Bleacher seats can be installed or uninstalled by section or by row.

6. Compact storage: unassembled planks and other parts can be stored in a standard container.

7. Variability: You can change the number of seats in a row, reduce the number of seats, or just assemble them in a long row.

8. Safety: You can install safety barriers to the back and both sides of the planks.

9. sturdy mounted seats are available; 

10. Portable Aluminum Bleacher seats planks and footboards with non- skid surface & edge safety treatment.

2. Product Specifications

Portable Aluminum Bleacher Seats

Product name Portable Aluminum Bleacher Seats with low backrest 
Oblique beamH55mm * W240mm *L(optional), single or double, standard mill finish
Row width700 mm
Row heightFirst row 400mm, 200 mm higher row by row
Length2.25m, 2.5m, 3.6m, 4.5m... ...or custom length
AisleW 600/ 800mm
UnderstructureAluminum or steel
Optional accessoriesGuardrail, tip and roll, awning, plastic seats, etc

3. Product Applications 

Portable Aluminum Bleacher Seats

Portable Aluminum Bleacher Seats

4. Product Details Show

Aluminum bleacher with seating

aluminum bleacher with seating

aluminum bleacher with seating

aluminum bleacher with seating

5. Delivery & Shipping 

Shipping and delivery

6. News about Our company  

Company profile

       Smart Truss Stage Equipment Group Limited subordinate company Guangzhou Smart Sports Industrial Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer dedicated in designing, manufacturing and selling portable stages, display trusses, tents, membrane structures and other performance&exhibition equipment.

       We have spent large amounts of money to introduce advanced technology and equipment from United States and Germany. We also have hired senior TUV production experts and senior management personnel. We have advanced quality assurance system in compliance with ISO9001-2008 on the Portable Aluminum Bleacher Seats.

      Our main markets are Europe, United States, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Our products have been highly praised and appreciated by our clients all over the world.

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