Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems

We selling indoor gym collapsible seating systems. We focus on seating systems many years,covering most of European and American Markets. We are hoping to set up a good long terms business relationship with you in China.

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Product Details

Indoor gym collapsible seating systems

Product Characteristics 

Smart Retractable Bleachers advantages:

1.Excellent safety performance

The design of indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems is around the security of the start, the details of the stairs to deal with science, rigorous, and fully guarantee the safety of users.

2. Advanced structural design

The enchanting staircase is designed to ensure the stability of the stands, and at the same time can produce more than 30 grandstand system, and absolutely safe and stable.

3. Long service life

Due to the advanced design concept and rigorous quality control system, the activities of the stands can adapt to any harsh use of the environment, including high temperature, low temperature, humidity, acid and so on. Can ensure that the use of high frequency of the place for long-term good operation.

4. Light weight, strong load capacity, flexible movement

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems are made of high-tension lightweight steel. Compared with the products produced by ordinary structural steel, the self-weight is only 75% of the ordinary structural steel products, so as to ensure more flexible operation and fully protect the wood flooring, PVC and other sports ground.

Indoor gym collapsible seating systems


Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems       (Manual Retractable bleachers)
Wheel bed115x50x3mm bending plates
Frame beam50x3mm steel
Post beam80x40x2 mm, 100x50x3mm steel
C-shape beam180x50x3.2mm cold bent plate
Oblique lever50x2 mm steel
PedalT=18mm laminated splint or plywood
Casters127x32 mm polyurethane
SeatsHigh back foldable seats with/ without handrail, blow mode HDPE
Lock deviceT= 4 steel plate
Support wheels30x30 mm nylon

Product Show & Applications

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems

Product Qualification 

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems




Delivery & Serving 

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems

Company News  

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems

Welding Machine

smart truss_副本1.jpg

        Smart Truss Stage Equipment Group Limited subordinate company Guangzhou Smart Truss Stage Equipment Factory was built in 2011. Located in Guangzhou China. where is the south export door of China. 

        We are focus on Sports and Exhibition Equipment manufacture with 8 years. Products export to more than 80 countries all over the world. 

        Our main products include Aluminium bleachers/metal Layer truss bleachers/retractable bleachers,indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems. Create value for customer to extend our company value is our last goal.

Indoor Gym Collapsible Seating Systems


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