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The role of stage truss in the application process
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Whether from TV or from around our lives, we often see beautiful stage effects. Some of them are used for promotional activities and some are for professional entertainment. What attracts our attention on the stage is not just wonderful programs. Sometimes brilliant lighting effects and sound effects make people forget about it. The role of stage trusses behind them is indispensable.

The stage truss is mainly used to construct the supporting stage. Its design has passed professional mechanics testing. Its load-bearing structure is very reasonable, so the stage built up has high stability. Second, it can also be built into backstage video walls and top-level brackets. This is what we see as background cloths and lighting and audio suspensions.

The application of stage trusses facilitates the setting of stage for temporary performances. It can build different stage venues according to the specific conditions of the site, such as the size and shape of the venue. It greatly facilitates the organization of the event, and its stability is very high. Okay, don't worry about the impact on its solidity due to dramatic dance

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