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Wall material for storage tents
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Storage tents are widely used in warehousing. Since the performance of storage tents is better, so there are more choices. Then you know what kind of materials the storage tents are made of, and can be used as storage tent walls. Which material, let us give you a brief introduction below.

ABS hardware wall: ABS wall is currently more commonly used in outdoor tents in the outdoor use of the wall, it has a good hardness, impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, in many applications The field can be widely used, and it has better safety and stability than the tarpaulin. It is one of the more commonly used walls in storage tents.

Rock wool color steel plate: Rock wool color steel plate is not only in the tent room, but it is widely used in the field of construction. It has its own excellent properties of thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection, etc. It can be used for storage tents. The goal of higher quality, efficiency, reliability, and safety, but the relative increase in price and cost, is more suitable for use in situations where there is a high requirement for the storage environment or where insulation is needed!

Therefore, if it is to be used as a storage tent, to see the actual storage supplies, you can choose different wall materials as storage walls for storage tents according to your needs, so that the storage environment is even more superior.

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