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What are the elements of the stage equipment design?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

1. Conference speech, report meeting

(1) the lecture hall is brighter than anywhere else, but it does not make the speaker feel dazzling.

(2) opening some ceiling lamps and ceiling lamps to keep the auditorium a certain brightness.

(3) with proper amount of surface light, the audience can see the faces of the people on the stage.

2, instrumental music concert

(1) open the ceiling lamp and the surface lamp, so that the audience can see musicians, musical instruments and playing techniques.

To highlight command and solo according to the plot.

3. When necessary, the desk lamp is provided to enable the performer to see the music score clearly.

4. Keep the spectators in proper brightness so that the audience can see the programme clearly.

3, opera literature and art

First, white or light should be used to highlight the colourful clothing and make-up.

Second, highlight the actors' facial expressions and gestures with the surface light, but not too strong, so as not to cause the reflection of the face oil paint.

4. National Dance

The background lights are strong and gorgeous.

2. Top and light should be white or light, highlighting clothing, expression and posture.

(3) appropriate selection of light to highlight the dancers.

5. Modern dance of stage equipment

(1) increase the special effects equipment such as computer lights, strobe lights and cigarette exhauster.

2. Timely use of lighting, leading dance, leading singer and accompaniment.

(3) song singing category:

A, determine the background color according to the plot and costume, and it is not easy to change frequently in the performance.

B, top light and face lamp are easy to use light color.

C, the number of participants is less, with lights to reduce the outline of the stage.

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