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What are the types of grandstand seats in the stadium? What are the characteristics?
- Oct 20, 2018 -

Injection molding stand chair:

            It adopts imported polyethylene and hollow blow molding process. It has full appearance, smooth lines, strong and durable, strong weather resistance, easy to clean and widely used. It can be installed simply and quickly on a general foundation; the fasteners are durable and suitable for the daily seating of the stadium and the leading grandstand seats. Features: Novel design, fine craftsmanship, long service life and impact resistance. Excellent material: The injection chair is made of imported high-grade polyethylene. The special plastics, pigments, UV absorbers and antioxidants of international industry standards can be worn and faded. Excellent strength: in line with international standards, mechanical properties exceed national standards. Excellent performance: It is made of high-strength moisture-proof polyethylene and special self-extinguishing resin. It has high durability, low temperature and artificial accelerated aging test and long service life.

Mobile grandstand chair:

        The introduction of foreign advanced technology, design and development of the activity stand chair, the structure is reasonable and reliable, the mobile stretch and pull light, rely on gravity eccentric automatic lock positioning, the collection relies on the automatic unlock structure to unlock convenient and reliable. Simple structure, made of aluminum alloy material, light body, corrosion resistance, high strength, high rigidity, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, long service life, no fear of tide, smooth surface, easy to clean, pollution-free production process. In line with the requirements of today's green environmental protection, the modular design makes the installation and maintenance simple. The stand chair has three options: high backrest, low backrest and flat plate to meet the needs of various occasions. Mobility: All components can be combined, stepped, and the components are secured by rubber sleeve pulleys. Small footprint: When the stand is not in use, it is easy to rotate the step member from the lateral position to the vertical position by rotating it due to its light weight. Modularity: The mobile stand chairs can be combined and disassembled to meet the needs of various venues. Other functional components can also be added.


Quickly assemble the grandstand chair:

      The Quick Assembly Stand is a new type of temporary stand system that can be combined at will. The frame unit adopts a chrysanthemum buckle scaffolding structure, and the self-developed shelf structure is combined on the mature 48-type chrysanthemum buckle scaffold structure, and combined into a multi-stage modular temporary stand according to requirements. Specifications are 370mm (layer height) * 750mm (depth). It can be combined with an injection molding stand, which is easy to install. The shelf is welded with integral modular type, which can be exchanged for universal use. The high-quality carbon non-slip pattern is just a pedal, which can accommodate 350kg per square. The highest level of the temporary stands can reach 30 floors and the height is 11 meters. All metal components are treated with galvanizing and anti-rust treatment. Features: less structure, convenient construction and disassembly, basic structure and special components are all standard modular; single-module structure each weight does not exceed 25KG, two workers can be easily installed. The joint structure is reasonable, the work is easy, light and simple. It has large carrying capacity, high structural strength, overall stability, safety and reliability. A self-locking mechanism is inserted through a separate wedge. The plug-in has a self-locking function that can be locked or unplugged for removal by pressing the latch. The component series is standardized for easy transportation and management.

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