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What is the biggest role of the tent?
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The tent is a shed that shelters the wind and rain from the ground and is used for temporary residence. It is made of canvas, and it can be removed at any time, together with the support. The tents are carried by parts and assembled only when they arrive at the scene, so various parts and tools are required. Knowing the names and usage of the various components, and familiarizing with the construction of the tent, can quickly and easily set up the tent.

The tents are divided into several categories: advertising tents (promotional tents), military tents (civil tents, construction site tents), flip-top tents, tourist tents {(3 season tents (for ordinary outdoor activities) and 4 season tents (winter / Alpine use)} Disaster relief tents, inflatable tents, decontamination tents, children's play tents. They all have different functions and are suitable for different environments.

Briefly introduce a few:

1.Construction tents, which were needed from wartime, and military tents, due to their durability, fabrics, low cost, adapt to various terrains, and also become the preferred tent type for construction tents, engineering tents, and modern construction tents. The prototype is for this purpose.

2, The top of the herringbone tent, also known as the large tent, tent, etc., mainly used for outdoor large-scale activities. The large tents are simple to set up and disassemble, and there is no need for load-bearing pillars inside. The venue is 100% used. There are no special requirements for the construction site, generally flat land such as sand, grass, asphalt, cement and tile floor.

3, Automatic tents are mostly leisure tents, considering starting from the needs of the public life, automatic tents are mainly family gatherings, friends outings and so on. Because of the convenience of automatic tents, there is no crowd limit, and a trend has been set among young people. It is quick to open, easy to carry, and fashionable. It is the evaluation of people who have automatic tents, and it also makes the traditional tents receive some impact. Applicable to field construction operations, camping training, temporary clubs, sports and entertainment venues and military command posts, field hospitals, disaster relief, camping, leisure, tourism, etc.

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