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Where is the advantage of the folding stage application?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

The folding stage is simple and convenient to build. It is suitable for use in various occasions, especially for small and medium-sized activities. Today, the folding stage has become an indispensable stage for every major industry, especially the planning companies and wedding companies. Here is a brief introduction of the advantages of the folding stage.

Stage structure

The folding stage consists of a platform and a table. The specifications are usually 1.22 m *1.22 m, 1 m *2 m and 1.28 m *1.28 m.

The platform comprises a table support, a foldable supporting foot frame and a foldable slide rail diagonal strut, and the table is fixed on the bench. The platform is composed of two supporting frames, which are arranged side by side, and then fixed with the panel to form a folding stage.

The two ends of the table support are provided with two folding supporting rods which are symmetrical, and two folding supporting rods have fixed connecting rods. Each supporting foot is correspondingly provided with a foldable slide rail diagonal strut, and a locking device is provided with a folding inclined rod, and a spring is also arranged. When used, put down the folding leg and pull the support bar, then you can use it.

Application advantage

The folding stage is folded along the pre installed middle axis to make it very convenient and fast. In theory, the folding stage can be assembled in any group to meet the needs of a variety of stage construction. The folding stage along the intermediate shaft makes the folding stage occupy a small space and saves the transportation cost and storage cost in large section. For companies that often use folding stage, it is very simple and quick.

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