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Attention To The Establishment Of The Wedding Stage
- Apr 20, 2018 -

The layout of a wedding is very tedious. When the new people are ready to marry, most of them will make the event of the stage to be done by the wedding company. It is believed that each bride wants his wedding scene to be filled with love elements, and it is warm and romantic. And the layout of the wedding scene is particularly important, so the aluminum alloy stage is made. Manufacturers should pay attention when building wedding stage.

1. when the wedding stage is set up, the venue will be chosen as the venue with high visibility.

The capacity of the 2. venue is related to whether it can provide customers with a relaxed and pleasant shopping environment. The location of the venue, including the convenience of traffic and the elegance of the environment.

3. whether the supporting facilities are perfect and the service is thoughtful is suitable for the requirements of the venue.

4. audio-visual effect is often one of the effective means to mobilize the attention of the customers on the spot. The sound and atmosphere are almost all based on audio-visual effect. Whether the boiling point effect can be produced in the scene is directly related to it. The control of the scene sound must be closely matched by the professionals, and the lack of close coordination will cause the program and atmosphere. The lighting should be controllable and easy to mobilize the attention of customers. For more than 200 meetings, the projection screen should at least guarantee the area of 4m * 4m.

5. the regulation and control of the meeting site depends mainly on the hosting ability of the host, especially the host's ability to respond and arouse the audience's instigation ability.

The wedding stage is arranged to ensure that the wedding is half successful. Next, the new people can enjoy the happiness and happiness of the wedding with the guests.

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