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Eurotruss Partners Procom
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Eurotruss partners Procom

                Eurotruss has announced a partnership deal with Procom-ME for the Middle East. Procom and its sister company Prolites will now distribute the manufacturer's full range of trusses. As part of the partnership , the two companies will hold a large amount of the manufacturer's stock in both Dubai and Beirut.     


                " The partnership goes beyond supplying equipment. " noted Raja Harfouche, the CEO of Prolites. " it is about bringing solutions to our clients." 

                The new arrangement is based on the success found with the setup of White Dubai- the largest outdoor club in the Middle East , which is holds around 1000 guests seated on different levels.  The large truss structure stands on a windy rooftop at Meydan, which required special mechanical specifications that Eurotruss could meet . The manufacturer's stage platforms have also been put to use on the rooftop venue.  

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