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How Does The Stage Build Accurately Calculate The Number Of Stage Blocks?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Accurate calculation of the number of stage, is the stage truss manufacturer must work, if this is not done, naturally can not allow customers to create a sense of trust for the stage truss manufacturers, more than a single purchase. So, it's not difficult to answer this question.

The method of calculating the number of blocks needed for moving stage requires only a simple formula for area calculation. After knowing the parameters of the stages of the stage, the area of each stage is calculated and then replaced, and then the required stage of activity is accurately calculated. In short, the stage of activity needs to know the parameters first, then calculate, it will get twice the result with half the effort.

The decorative stage metal products stage (conventional paragraph) parameters are as follows:

Folding stage specifications: 1.22 m *1.22 m, 1 m *2 m, 1.28 m *1.28 m;

Assembly stage specifications: 1 meters *2 meters;

Reya stage specifications: 1.22 m *1.22 m, 1.22 m *2.44 m;

Aluminum alloy stage specification: 1.22 m *1.22 meters;

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