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How Many Kinds Of Trusses Are There And How To Distinguish
- Apr 20, 2018 -

When customers choose trusses to build outdoor advertising stands, what kind of people do they choose? Is it a round tube truss or a square tube truss? It seems that customers will purchase according to their product attributes: indoor square tube truss and outdoor circular pipe truss. In fact, not many people choose trusses to build advertising shelves, most of them are based on the actual situation.

What is the actual situation? For example, how to choose a square tube truss and how to build an advertising rack is a real benefit. This is the actual situation. Therefore, in the truss sales process, as a truss manufacturer to provide solutions to customers, more is the interaction with customers. That is to say, the customer provides a sample map or a set of ideas, and the salesmen follow the execution to choose which truss is cost-effective.

So, to some extent, the different material making trusses are also driven by the demand of the market, that is, the refinement of the market can excavate the demand point and help the enterprise find the profit point. There are many kinds of trusses under the banner, such as circular tube trusses, square tube trusses, aluminum alloy trusses, self locked trusses, and special-shaped trusses... Wait。

In addition, the truss manufacturers also support "according to demand", that is, to comply with customer needs to customize the production, which means that the style and material of the truss will change and even have an impact on the division of the truss, such as the self locking truss of the aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is better to distinguish the truss types from the actual situation and communicate with the sales staff of the truss manufacturers, so that they can think of a way.

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