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How To Set Up The Stage Reasonably?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Security has always been the first. With the development of the performance industry, it is very common to build the stage and stand, but the stage and stand building is a new industry. There are still serious non standard conditions in the whole. For example, the overall quality of the employees is low, the majority of the enterprises are in the small workshops, the technology is backward, the quality and the good and bad are different. Wait. In addition, for many years, there are few professional acceptance units for temporary stage projects, and public security organs do not know much about stage engineering. All these make the safety problem of construction stage become a difficult problem that puzzles the performance industry.

In recent years, performance safety accidents have occurred from time to time. In our country, in February 7th this year, Faye Wong Chongqing concert before the opening of the audience collapse accident; then push forward, in 2002, Jacky Cheung Wuhan concert temporary stands collapsed; Chyi Chin Beijing concert band drummer fell into the lifting platform in 2005 and died; 2009 in Beijing concert, Luo Dayou fell into the piano for the dance. Platform equipment lift and so on. In 2009, Madonna's performance in Spain was canceled due to the collapse of the stage. In 2011, a concert in Indiana, United States, suffered a typhoon - induced stage collapse.

Fortunately, in June last year, "the stage of the temporary set of performances and the security technical requirements for the stand" had been issued and implemented by the Ministry of culture as the technical standard of the industry, and the industry began to explore. At present, the Chinese performance association has set up an inspection and acceptance agency for the temporary set up stage and the stand, and organizes the industry experts to accept the construction stage. In the previous period of World Expo in Shanghai, the Chinese performance association organized experts to organize experts on the stage of cultural performing activities during World Expo with the Shanghai Performance Industry Association. The quality supervision and safety acceptance of the construction were carried out to ensure the safety of the more than 20 thousand performances. In addition, the performance industry association of Guangdong Province, has also carried out the stage dance beauty enterprises, engineering enterprise qualification certificate certification and the qualification appraisal work of the technical personnel of the dance beauty engineering.

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