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Some Problem When Using Aluminum Truss Frame
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Occasionally, there are some problems in the use of aluminum alloy trusses. If these problems are not handled in time, they will effect their safety. Here we briefly introduce the use of aluminum trusses:

Aluminum Alloy trusses

First, check whether the surface of the aluminum alloy truss is broken. Although the aluminum alloy truss is treated by anti-corrosion, the feng shui will also affect the truss due to prolonged exposure to the external environment. This condition should be treated in time.

Secondly, aluminum alloy trusses are generally connected by screws and pins. However, the weight received by the truss is large, and the joints should be fastened to prevent safety hazards caused by looseness;

Thirdly, the maintenance of aluminum alloy trusses should pay attention to the frequent surface cleaning. The accumulation of acidic substances and other impurities will corrode the truss for a long time, and reduce the brightness of the appearance, which affects its appearance.

The above is the maintenance method of the aluminum alloy truss, hoping to attract the attention of each user, so as to effectively ensure the safety of the aluminum alloy truss in normal operation.

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