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What Are The Design Requirements For Gym Bleachers?
- Apr 20, 2018 -

(1) the audience stand

The auditorium should be provided with high visual quality seats for spectators, VIP guests and journalists. The standards of the stands, the number of consecutive seats, the podium, the disabled audience, the commentators, and the press are required. The entrance of the stands and the design of the sight should be in accordance with the relevant regulations on the stands.

Depending on the form of the building and the size of the audience, the audience stands have different plane types.

The seats of the auditorium are divided into two main categories: back seat and back seat and no backrest stool (including directly sitting on the grandstand).

(two) the viewing point selection of the audience stand

View point selection of 1 and first class sites

A class of venues 22 * 36 meters, that is, the basketball court as the scope of design vision. All other sports events are carried out in basketball courts. Although gymnastic competition venues are slightly larger than basketball courts, other gymnastic exercises are carried out on floor equipment except floor exercise. So the line of sight is unstoppable.

View point selection for 2 and second types of sites

The two type of field is 24 x 44 meters, mainly with handball games. The handball movement is characterized by less ground movements, most of which are upper body movements, and most of the exciting scenes are near the goal line. The playing field of the handball is 20 x 40 meters.

View point selection for 3 and third types of sites

The characteristics of the ice hockey match are: the venue is large and the speed is fast. The site is surrounded by ice hockey walls and the height of the boundary wall is 1.22 meters. Therefore, the height of the line is 1.22 meters and the area of the competition area is around 90%.

Whether the boundary wall is transparent or opaque, the view points can be selected on the ice surface of the boundary wall. In addition, the height of shelter should not exceed 1.22 meters.

(three) the design of the podium and the referee's seat

1. The rostrum is located in the best visual quality of the entire auditorium. The rostrum should have direct and convenient access to the VIP lounge and venue. The number of seats in the rostrum is mainly determined according to local needs. It is generally 0.5 to 1% of the audience, and no more than 0.5% of the county level. There are two kinds of forms in the form of the rostrum.

The rostrum with auxiliary platform is composed of two parts: the main station and the auxiliary platform. When there are major activities, the Deputy platform is the extension of the main station, so that the VIP seats have certain leeway. This arrangement can generally be used in large gymnasiums. The middle and small houses are mostly used without the auxiliary platform.

There are two kinds of seats on the rostrum: one is a seat with a tea table, and the other is a seat without a tea table.

2. The referee's seat is on the opposite side of the platform.  There is a referee's desk and necessary seats. The general layout is slightly higher than the ground so as to facilitate contact with the site. Its length should also be less than the podium.

The main work of the referee's desk is timing, scoring, recording, broadcasting, etc. A total of 15 - 20 people are required to work in the referee's seat.

The adjudication console is the general hub of showing time and score when performing various competitions, so its composition is complex and the coordination with each part is close. As the facilities and requirements of each hall are different, the layout of the referee is also changed.

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