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What Are The Design Requirements For The Stadium Stands?
- Oct 26, 2018 -

1) Audience stands

The grandstand form of the stadium should provide viewers, VIPs and journalists with a higher visual quality seat. Regarding the standard of the grandstand seat, the number of consecutive seats, the rostrum, the disability auditorium, the commentator and the reporter's seat, the grandstand entrance and exit and sight design should comply with the relevant regulations on the grandstand.

Depending on the type of building and the size of the audience, the audience stands have different plane types.

The seats in the auditorium are divided into seats with backrests and backrests and backrest-free benches (including sitting directly on the stands).   

audience grandstand


(2) Viewpoint selection of the audience stand

1. Viewpoint selection of the first type of venue

One type of venue is 22 x 36 meters, which is the range of basketball courts as the design line of sight. All other sports events are held in the basketball court. Although the gymnastics competition venue is slightly larger than the basketball court, except for the floor exercise on the ground floor of the venue, other items are carried out on the equipment above the ground. Therefore, its line of sight is unobstructed.

2. Viewpoint selection of the second type of venue

The second type of venue is 24×44 meters, which is dominated by handball competition. The characteristics of handball movement are less ground movements, mostly upper body movements, and the highlights are mostly near the goal line. The handball competition venue is 20 x 40 meters. 

3. Viewpoint selection of the third type of venue

The characteristics of the ice hockey competition are: the competition venue is large and the speed is fast. There is a hockey boundary wall around the site, and the height of the boundary wall is 1.22 meters. Therefore, it is required to have a height of ≯1.22 meters and a viewing area of about 90%.

Regardless of whether the boundary wall is transparent or opaque, the viewpoint can be selected on the ice surface inside the boundary wall. In addition, the height of the occlusion at the boundary wall should not exceed 1.22 meters.

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