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What Are The Structural Characteristics Of The Stadium Telescopic Stand?
- Oct 27, 2018 -


The stadium's telescopic stands have a common oblique support system to provide the most stable and reliable load support; the largest lower interconnecting rails provide strong support and a more balanced force; the solid upper interconnecting rails ensure stable operation; and the convenient and reliable locking scheme can be Prevent the accidental collapse of the system; all the pillars are supported by support bolts to ensure stability and firmness; the main and auxiliary main supports are continuously formed in one piece, avoiding the cracking and accidental occurrence of welding; the screws are not exposed on the pedals, hard Slot and slot joints for safety.

In the current large stadiums, we can often see a variety of styles, various types of seats or stands, these seat stands provide great convenience for the majority of the audience. However, for operators, if you do not understand the performance characteristics of such products, it will often cause many adverse effects. Let's take the telescopic stand of the stadium as an example. The experts from the industry will give a detailed introduction to the structural characteristics of this product.

Usually, people's impressions, because of the scalability of the telescopic stand, its security is often the most worrying problem for users, of course, including comfort, style and other issues. For the fans, there may be some psychological exclusion. In order to dispel these doubts, the best way is to have a full understanding of the performance of the stadium telescopic stand.

According to experts who specialize in the design and production of soft-seat seats for film and television theaters, the first advantage of the so-called telescopic event stands is their high degree of flexibility, safety and high value. The activity grandstand has a conceived multi-function transformation concept that satisfies the different sports requests of the team, opens the way for the most challenging public gatherings, makes unlimited use of limited space, and brings a new concept to the stadium seats. .

In the current stadium, the use of a retractable activity stand maximizes your space utilization, making it easy to manually or electrically expand the fold. The active grandstand runs quietly and smoothly, and the close fit of each component is designed to improve the smooth operation of the system. The final result makes our grandstand stand out, the grandstand is quieter, the grandstand is safer, and the grandstand is more convenient to use.

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