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What Benefits Of Grandstand Seating?
- Dec 06, 2018 -

More useable space beneath the structure offers ample opportunity to leverage the bleacher footprint by allowing for vendor kiosk placement, emergency vehicle parking, equipment storage, shielded placement of electrical distribution panels & portable toilet placement.

Rapid and economical installation: a beam style grandstand at 15+ rows in height can be installed at 2-3 times the speed of a conventional angle frame bleacher.

More modern-looking: a beam style stand is more professional & modern looking than any angle frame system.  These systems can typically be found in municipal parks & around high school athletic fields; post-secondary institutions and premium facilities seek to enhance the image of their athletic programs by utilizing a beam style structure for their premium seating area.

The clear span of the beam style structure will offer a myriad of benefits to operational staff including easier clean-up, better visibility & security, access for vehicle traffic from one end of the structure to the others.

The powder coated finished understructure allows you to customize your venue to match team colors or simply increase the visual appeal of your seating system.

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