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What Is The Difference Between Elevated Bleachers And Non-Elevated Bleachers?
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Typically speaking, elevated bleachers are larger in size and are used when spectator visibility is a main concern. These elevated units offer a clear line of sight by eliminating visual distractions, such as passers-by, walls, barricades or other ground-level obstructions.

The qualifying feature of elevated bleachers is that when one sits in the front row, their feet are at the same heigh as the elevated front walkway.  The elevation is determined by the client's specific needs and in most cases require stairs, ramps & handrails.

Conversely, non-elevated bleachers are usually smaller and more versatile and require no additional walkways or stairwells.  With non-elevated bleachers, when sitting on the first row, spectators' feet are at ground level.

Below we have included a number of images to help you further visually decipher the difference between the two types of bleachers:


Elevated Bleachers


Non-Elevated Bleachers

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