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What Is The Requirement For The Design Of The Glass Stage
- Apr 20, 2018 -

The glass stage space has many levels, which can be divided into fixed space, semi fixed space and unfixed space. Fixed space refers to the theater building: semi fixed space refers to its own fixed, but with the dramatic changes can be movable scenery, props, lighting and other factors; unfixed space mainly refers to the flexible and variable spatial relationship formed by the actors and the audience, including some scenery and lighting also have similar activity. Different styles of drama have different tendencies in space form, for example, the drama in nineteenth Century is more fixed and semi fixed, while modern drama emphasizes unfixed space, and each specific play can be mainly used in one of them or in a variety of forms.

The organization of the motion space in the glass stage design is to organize actions, control movements and provide possible arrangements for action. Organizing theatrical action space is one of the functions of the glass stage design, or is the most basic function. It embodies the practicality of the glass stage design. It is the operation of the glass stage space according to the needs of the action and the best visual effect of the audience.

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