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What Should Be Prepared In Advance For The Stage Trusses
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Different stages of the stage truss require different stage structures. Therefore, when building the stage, the first thing to define is the theme of the activity. After identifying the theme of the activity, we can design a more conforming theme. Then, we must make sufficient preparations, prepare various materials, and choose the truss stage according to different themes. And the scene of the stage truss set up scene arrangement, for its area, volume, style are to be considered ahead of time, again is the light, must show the effect of stage activities, and the lighting can show the style, must choose the light of the theme of the stage, but also to build the budget of the truss stage. Cost planning, and how to set the stage more beautiful, it requires a professional designer through long-term experience to arrange and build, in order to highlight the different styles and effects.

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