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3d Truss Stage design

                                        Newest Truss Roof Stage Design (Truss001)

Excellent Trussing with lighting

                            Hot Trussing Design with Lighting Decoration(Truss002)

Smart screw trussing design

                       Screw Trussing For Big Outdoor Event Celebration(Truss003)

Marriage Trussing system

           Happy Wedding Trussing System with Foldable Stage (Truss004)      

16x10x8 Trusing beam design


                    16x10x8 Meter Trussing Roof Beam Design Systems(Truss005)

20x30x5m Trussing Tent Structure Design

         20x30x5 Meter Trussing System For Outdoor Tent Activities(Truss006)

Little sapling Truss design

                       Little Sapling Trussing For Advertisement (Truss007)

Irregular Truss


                                           Irregular Trussing Designs (Truss008)

Circle Trussing Roof

             Circle Trussing Roof System For Concert Stage Event (Truss009)

24x24x9m trussing.jpg

                                           24x24x9 Meter Trussing System ( Truss010)


4x10x2.5m Trussing.jpg

                                                                4x10x2.5 Meter Trussing System (Truss011)

2x3m background trussing.jpg

                                            2x3Meter Background Trussing System (Truss012)

5x5x5m trussing roof.jpg

                                                        5x5x5 Meter Trussing Roof System ( Truss013)

6x6x6m trussing Roof.jpg

                                                   6x6x6 Meter Trussing System ( Truss014) 


                                              8x6x5 Meter Trussing System with Stage  ( Truss015)

10x6m Lighting Trussing.jpg

                                                10x6 Meter Lighting Trussing System ( Truss016)

10x30x6m Circle roof trussing.jpg

                                                            10x30x6 Meter Roof Trussing  ( Truss017) 

20x6x6m Trussing.jpg

                                                       20x6x6 Meter Beam Trussing System (Truss018) 

11x5m background trussing.jpg

                                           11x5 Meter Trussing System For Background ( Truss019) 

18x12x13.2m Trussing.jpg

                                                   18x12x13.2 Meter Trussing Roof System ( Truss020) 

12x12x7m Trussing.jpg

12x12x7 Meter Trussing System  ( Truss021) 

Black Design Aluminum Trussing Stage

 Black Design Aluminum Trussing Stage ( Stage001) 

Red Design Aluminum Trussing Stage

Red Design Aluminum Trussing Stage ( Stage002) 

Trussing Roof with PVC Covered Stage

4x10x3 Meter Trussing Roof with PVC Covered Stage ( Stage003)

Aluminum Stage with Guardrail

14.64x9.76 Meter Aluminum Stage with Guardrail (Stage004)

 T- Shape Aluminum Stage For Concert

T- Shape Aluminum Stage For Concert or Party Event ( Stage005)

Shape Roof trussing

14x8x8 Meter Trussing Structure Stage ( Stage006)

Aluminum Trussing Roof Stage with Ramp

20x10x11 Meter Aluminum Trussing Roof Stage with Ramp (Stage007)

Aluminum Trussing Concert Stage

Customized Design Aluminum Trussing Concert Stage (Stage008) 

Trussing Roof Design Stage

High-Technology Trussing Roof Design Stage  ( Stage009) 

Trussing Stage with Plywood Design

Trussing Stage with Plywood Design ( Stage010)

Portable Aluminum Stage

Portable Aluminum Stage with Background Advertising (Stage011)