The detachable assembled stand is a new type of temporary stand system. The whole structure adopts standard parts and modular design. The various parts of the stand, such as brackets, pedals, side panels, guardrails, seats, etc., can be assembled at will. Various layer heights and digits can be assembled according to the venue and audience seats. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient construction and disassembly, convenient transportation and storage, and can be widely used in sports venues, performing arts activities, various public activities, and which are required to build a spectator stand.
  • Telescopic Gym Seating

    Telescopic Gym Seating

    1.Product name: High quality telescopic gym seating for sale Stadiums and multipurpose halls are best suited for retractable bleachers. When not in use, the system retracts to a compact storage location, maximizing the floor space of the facility. For larger seat...Read More

  • Foldable Cheap Retractable Bleacher

    Foldable Cheap Retractable Bleacher

    1. Product name: Latest retractable bleacher for sale Telescopic bleacher is intended for the arrangement of the seats for the spectators at different sports buildings. It is possible to use the space of the room more efficiently with the help of telescopic bleachers. While...Read More

  • 4 Rows Indoor Gym Bleachers

    4 Rows Indoor Gym Bleachers

    1. Product name: indoor gym bleachers for sale We specialise in the design of telescopic seating products for indoor multipurpose facilities. Our telescopic bleachers are ideal for school auditoriums, sports halls, performing arts centres and theatres. SMART Telescopic tiered...Read More

  • Metal Structure Grandstand

    Metal Structure Grandstand

    1. Product name:High quality metal structure grandstand for sale Designed for installation on a flat and level surface, this type of system provides the flexibility of adding seats as your facility grows. steel Bleachers provide the ultimate seating for crowd appeal,...Read More

  • Outdoor Sport Aluminum Bleacher Seating

    Outdoor Sport Aluminum Bleacher Seating

    1. Product name: High quality aluminum bleacher seats for sale SMART aluminum structure grandstands systerm meet the stander of green environmental protection,energy conservation,emissions reduction and recycling economic policy,the structure systerm has the factory...Read More

  • Indoor Aluminum Bleacher

    Indoor Aluminum Bleacher

    1. Product name:Cheap indoor aluminum bleacher for sale The indoor aluminum bleacher are available in a variety of sizes from small to large, so we will have the perfect seating solution for your event. If your current seating solution needs to be replaced or repaired,...Read More

  • 5 Rows Aluminum Bleachers

    5 Rows Aluminum Bleachers

    We supply 5 rows aluminum bleachers for outdoor activities. We devoted ourselves to performance events many years, covering most of European and American markets. We are expecting become your long team partner in China.Read More

  • Aluminium Portable Bleachers

    Aluminium Portable Bleachers

    1.Product name: Cheap aluminum portable bleachers for sale SMART carries a wide range of standard bleachers from 2 row portable bleachers all the way up to 20 row angle frame. All bleachers are fully code compliant and available with an array of added safety and comfort...Read More

  • Aluminum Bleacher with Adjustable Roof Tent

    Aluminum Bleacher with Adjustable Roof Tent

    1.Product name: Wholesale aluminum bleacher with wheel Basic aluminum bleachers consist of aluminum seat planks, footboard and understructure. Solid and durable, this kind of bleaches can be built to multi-rows seating system. However, it is highly recommended to be 10 rows...Read More

  • Indoor Retractable Gym Bleachers

    Indoor Retractable Gym Bleachers

    1. Product name: Cheap retractable gym bleachers for sale we have many options available to you to meet your safety, capacity and durability goals. Traditional retractable gym bleachers with wood or aluminum benches provide high capacity in a cost effective solution. They can...Read More

  • Retractable Grandstand Seating

    Retractable Grandstand Seating

    1. Product name: High quality retractable grandstand seating Retractable bleachers or telescopic bleachers, is a kind of automatic stretchable seating system used in small floor space. When bleachers are stretched out, the outstretched chairs on the steps enable spectators to...Read More

  • Outdoor Grandstand Seating Layer Truss Bleachers

    Outdoor Grandstand Seating Layer Truss Bleachers

    1. Product name: Cheap retractable tiered seating for sale Telescopic seating system is widely used in variety spaces like stadiums , TV studios and all kinds of multifunctional places with its advantage in space saving. You can enjoy all events sitting on the comfortable...Read More

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