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What Is The Options For Decking On Grandstand
- Dec 20, 2018 -

Decking Options:

Full Plank Arrangement (semi-closed)

Channel Interlock System (Fully Closed)

Channel Interlock Gutter System (Fully Closed directing water to predetermined locations)

Welded Deck System (Fully closed with welded seams, minimizing water penetration)

Seat options include 10” flat aluminum seats, 10” & 12” contour seats and 7” contour backrests

Powder coated seats and/or backrests.

VIP stadium chairs come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Chair options include armrests, cup holders and folding trays.

Railing options include: Galvanized steel chain link, vinyl coated chain link, aluminum pickets and vinyl coated pickets.

Powder coated risers

Walking surface treatment to upgrade slip-resistance

Polypropylene back cover to grandstand

Front riser façade for elevated decks

Special Rise and Run Designs to accommodate rare topographic conditions that will maximize spectator's sight lines.

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